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Mutli VP1/P.I.S.S


owned by Lisa Chin





Owned by Donna and Matt






Neuter Champions



Owned by Lisa Chin





Our boy 'Gunna'  has been a wonderful start for our kennels, a consistent show dog and a great family dog. A compact powerful male with strong bones, and a strong headpiece. Movement powerful and free, very good temperament. All he is passing onto his progeny. Retired.

Gunna has not only shown himself to be consistent in the show ring he also has passed his Endurance Test. Added to this he his now the sire of two litters to Multi V2 Rockdalestar Inka producing Multi V1/ Multi C.I.S.S Zapala Archer before 15 months of age and VP1/ Best Baby In Show Zapala Gunna Get Ya  (first show in Baby Class). Watch for them in the ring and his other son Multi C.I.G/sweepstakes winner  and now **Best Puppy In Show** specialty April 11 Zalapa Son Of A Gun the ring with his new owners Matt and Donna.

Litter brother to Multi BISS/Ru BISS winner Rockdalestar Zoey and V1 Rockdalestar Olympia this combination has shown us these dogs and bitches can hold their own in the show ring and are producing some stunning young stock for ours and Rockdalestar kennels.


Some critiques


hosted by Northern Districts Rottweiler Club

Judge:- Herr Paul Dieter-Viehoff (Gmy)     Aust Bred Dog Graded SG6

4.5 year old male. Medium sized, strong bones correct set up. Calm and friendly. Very good head, dark brown eyes. Medium sized ears well carried. Lips dark. Gums pink streaked. Strong short neck. Correct front and rear angulation. pasterns turned out on both sides a bit steep. Deep and broad chest. Straight and strong back. Markings of correct colour and size. Very good movement straight tail. Scissor bite.


49th New South Wales Championship Show 27/28 March 2010

Judge:- Sir Massimiliano Mannucci (Italy)      Aust Bred Dog  Graded V4

5 years old. Correct scissor bite. Well proportioned, nice neck, nice head, good angulation front and rear and would prefer more substance. Moves very well.


Northern Districts Rottweiler Club 12/13th Sept 2009

Judge:- Olga Grin (Russia)     Aust bred Dog Graded:- V4

Medium to small size., very powerful very well built. Little bit long proportions in the body, strong bone and muscle. Very good developed for the age of 4 years old. head is strong very well filled all over. massive skull, muzzle is short, very well filled and very good fit to the skull size. Eyes are small almond shaped wide set, very good nice pigmentation as well as mouth except for corners which are pink. Ears are small very well set and carried. Neck is short, deep set well positioned. back needs to be firmer as he moves. Croup correct position, wide, very well positioned tail, highly carried. Chest is deep well developed, sternum bone should be longer. Medium angulated front, well positioned front legs with very good fitting elbows. Medium angulated rear, medium pronounced stifles and very well pronounced hocks. Excellent coat, markings are mahogany, missing on chest. Clean on muzzle and legs. Scissor bite - full dentition. Very good temperament, absolutely friendly and attentive enough. Needs more temperament by himself presentation.


38th Northern Districts Rottweiler Club 13/14th Sept 08

Judge:- Ilona Onstenk-Schenk (Netherlands)     Aust bred Dog Graded V3

3 years 1 month. medium size good in proportions in leg to height. Nice head, wide skull well arched deep stop, nice ear set, good length of muzzle. Good bone, night tight feet, nice silhouette, nice angles front and rear. High withers, deep chest with good spring of rib. Nice dark tan, excellent temperament, movement behind very well in front.


Northern Districts Rottweiler Club 21-23rd/03/08

Judge:- Mr Lex Quartel (Netherlands)     Intermediate Dog Graded:- V3

33 months male of excellent type. very good proportions. Good neck and back. Good bottom line. Well formed strong male head. Good skull and stop. Brown eyes. Complete scissor bite. Medium sized well carried ears. Little bit open lips. Sufficient pigmentation, good angulation in front and rear with strong bone. Good feet. Well formed chest sufficient forechest. Correct coat and well carried tail. Medium sized brown markings, temperament. Movement behind very well in front an little loose open.


45th New South Wales Championship Show  15-16th/03/08

Judge:- Mrs Y Van Der Horst (N.T)     Intermediate Dog Grade:- V2

33 months medium sized dog. very good proportions, powerful with good bone. Calm and alert. very good coat condition. Rich mahogany markings. Masculine skull, good stop. Correct muzzle. Dark almond eyes. Gums are dark, outer lips are dark, inner lips are pink and pink in corners. Scissor bite. large ears well set. Good neck, very good topline. Correct croup, correct tail set. Deep broad chest, very good forechest, very good front and rear angulation. Well muscled thigh, good hocks. Correct feet and very good movement.


36th Northern Districts Rottweiler Club 15-16/09/07     

Judge:- Mr Mike Jackman (Canada)     Intermediate Dog graded:- V2

26 month old male. Medium size ears. Medium brown eyes. Dark mouth pigment a little pink in the corners. medium brown markings. Good front and rear angulation balanced. Good neck and topline. Very good coat. Medium bone. Very good reach and drive. Complete dentition, scissor bite.


35th Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of NSW Inc. 

  Judge:- Mr Steven Wolfson (USA) Date:- 6-8/4/07     Intermediate Class Graded :- V5

Twenty month old male. Medium large. Strong expression. Excellent type. Complete dentition. Scissor bite. Powerful masculine head. Excellent skull to muzzle ratio. Excellent ears, well placed and carried. Could use a bit darker eye colour. Excellent tight fitting almond shaped lids. Excellent gum pigmentation. Powerful muzzle. A bit throaty. Excellent masculine neck, well placed on shoulder. Excellent bone substance for size. Stands a bit east west in front. Excellent chest in depth and width. Excellent top and bottom line. Excellent coat, tight fitting to body with excellent colour and proportion to markings. Very good croup. Could use a bit more rear angulation and turn in stifle. Very good going away. Very good coming towards. Excellent side harmonious side gait with aggressive reach and drive.


34th Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of NSW Inc. 

Judge:- Hetje Lashley-Harmsma (Netherlands)    Junior Dog graded:- V2

Fourteen months. Good developed for his age. Socialable. Very good type. Very good head. Ears well set, close to the head. Nice dark eyes. Head proportions. Pink pigmentation. Scissor bite. Complete dentition. Strong neck. Very good top line and under line. Enough chest and breast for age. Well ribbed. Very good angulation. Good tail. Stands correct. Good bone. Nice strong feet. Good coat. Good markings, good colour of the marks. Very good movement with enough drive behind.


42nd New South Wales Championship Show 10/06 

Judge:- Chantal Delafontaine (Belgium)     Junior Class Graded :- V2

Fourteen months. Good development for his age. Alert. Sociable. Very good type. Very good head. Ears well set, close to head. Nice dark eye. Head in proportions. Pink pigmentation. Scissor bite. Complete dentition. Strong neck. Very good topline and underline. Enough chest and breast for age. A well ribbed. Very good angulated. Good tail. Stands correct. Good bone. Nice strong feet. Good coat. Good marks, good colour of the marks. very good movement with enough drive behind.

PEDIGREE    DOB 20/07/05

Multi V Rated/Res CC specialty

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